New Zealand

A nation of food lovers

Kiwis love food! We build our social interactions around it. Where Britain and Ireland have a pub on every corner – we have a café or eatery. We do coffee, we BBQ, we hangi, we roast, we picnic, we fondu; together. As a people – we really enjoy food!

We have an appetite for food innovation. We invented world famous pavlova, hokey pokey ice-cream, marmite and countless other fusion-food delights. We are a nation ready and willing to embrace ‘new’ foods.

New Zealanders are making more health-conscious purchases

The average New Zealander visits the supermarket 2.5 times per week*

New Zealand domestic retail FMCG market: 
$28.7 billion

Population: 4.96 million in a country of a similar land mass to Japan (268,021 km²)

The average New Zealand mid-income family of four spends $193 per week on grocery items**

High proportion of goods sold on promotion (59%)

*Source Adrian Walker, Progressive Enterprises (NZ Herald)
**Source: Statistics NZ